Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas and a New Year comes around again in Humjibre

Humjibre: December 23, 2011 - 5:44 P.M.
 We are inching into Christmas here in Humjibre. It’s drier here than I’ve ever seen it; the harmatthan dust from the desert has settled in town, casting a spooky diffused light everywhere. It’s like Christmas in sepia, with children playing in whirling dust devils instead of freshly fallen snow. I’m not sure how, but it cuts an equally magical image. After all, this time of year is about anticipation and the excitement of everyone gathering and celebrating, not about snow and shopping malls. And if you take a walk in town, the excitement is everywhere.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GHEI F.C. vs Real Kojina

After the intermural match between GHEI’s Early Childhood Literacy class and the regular young patrons of the library last month, library administrator Lawrence and education program manager Happy were impressed.  On the uneven, rutted ground in front of the library, these kids were showing some serious talent.
The Team Bus

I was in the office after the match as ECL teacher Saga, and Happy and Lawrence all conversed feverishly about the game.  It was getting intense, each were gesturing more wildly.  What they were arguing about was not the game, but the future of the team.  The three men had big ideas.  

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visit Cape Coast Castle with us this Summer

The Cape Coast Castle
This summer, as part of GHEI Summer Serve and Learn volunteer program (that is now accepting applications!  Apply here!), volunteers will have a trip to Cape Coast Castle included as part of their volunteering time with GHEI. 

The Cape Coast Castle is a must visit for any traveller in Ghana.  This haunting and important landmark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is very popular with tourists. Until the 1830's, when Britain outlawed slave trading in its empire, captured men, woman and children from throughout Ghana and other parts of Africa were marched hundreds of kilometres to this point. Once they arrived at the castle, they were kept in a cramped dungeon for months until they were led aboard ships destined for the Americas, where they would work as slaves.

Friday, December 2, 2011

GHEI Hosts World AIDS Day Event in Humjibre

Community Health Worker Isaac answering questions and demonstrating how to put a condom on properly
When GHEI hosted World AIDS Day for Humjibre in the community centre, it began like most community events do: with giant speakers, a DJ spinning some bass heavy hip-life, a GHEI staff member yelling invitations to the community, and the pounding of dozens of tiny feet dancing before the adults come.