Friday, July 15, 2011

The Importance of Girl Child Education

Lydia: Don’t you know that women can also be leaders of the country in this modern Ghana?  I am going to send both my children to school. We don’t know what will happen in the future.
Monica: That is ridiculous. I don’t see why I should send my daughter to school because I need her in the house to help me with home chores.
Lydia: Monica, I think you are making a mistake.

Samuel: I will be going to Sefwi Bekwai Senior High School and I will study General Arts. I want to be a teacher like my Father.
Evelyn: Rita where are you going?
Rita: Me? I…I will…
Elvis: What are you saying? You are not going anywhere, you will be in the house with our mother. Mother has told me you will not go to school, she will not waste her money on you. 
Rita: I want to go to school but my parents think it’s more important for me to stay in the house.

Kwaku: Oh right, my wife was telling me you sent your daughter to school. We didn’t understand why you were doing such a thing.
Quasi: Well Evelyn is now a Doctor and is continuing her studies in the USA. She sends us money every month to help with the house and the family.
Kwaku: Oh wow! You mean your daughter? SHE is a doctor? And SHE is sending money to you?

Lydia: Samuel is a teacher and he also helps us but not as much as Evelyn. Every month she sends us what she can. You know, if I didn’t send her to school she would not be so successful now.
Monica: Lydia, I have seen the mistakes that I have made. I should have tried to send both my children to school especially my daughter Rita.
Lydia: I told you it was important to educate your girl child you never know what they will accomplish or how successful they will be.
Monica: I understand and now with my grandchildren, I will make sure they are all sent to school, even the girls.

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