Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lincoln School in Accra donates even more books to the Humjibre Community Library!

The Lincoln Community School in Accra has a long history of involvement in their community.  They do some good work and foster a culture of community involvement with their students, and now, their generosity has reached all the way across Ghana to the western region, specifically the Humjibre Community Library!

In March, 193 books were donated to The Humjibre Community Library by The Lincoln Community School.  And now while the education team was in the midst of a very busy Read-A-Thon, we received word from Lincoln School that even more books were on their way to Humjibre!  Just in time for the Read-A-Thon award ceremony, Education Program Manager Happy picked up an additional 115 books for the library. 

Everyone at GHEI, and the many readers in Humjibre, would like to thank the Lincoln School for their generous support of the Humjibre Community Library!

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