Friday, October 14, 2011

GHEI Staff Celebrate Outstanding Service From 2011 Volunteers

Here are this year’s Outstanding Service Award winners, in GHEI staff’s own words. 

Ernest ‘Saga’ Badu on Meera Patel:

Meera was dependable, when she said we would learn something, we would learn it. During computer training, I learned how to draw a pie chart on the computer.  I will be using that in the future during my exam questions.  I can do it now without her supervision, but only because she helped me. 

Aggie, Meera, Tola, and Poranee

She was cooperative at the football camp, she made sure everyone had a chance to participate.  She was always fair to everyone involved, and she was always thinking about what she could do to help others.  She responded to problems, in the football tournament, she was like a medic.  When someone would get hurt, she would go to them, and she would attend to them seriously. 

And she is very friendly, but she was also very good at pretending to be a bad sportsman during the camp.  And I thought that was awesome.

Dickson Akah Mensah on Sarah Gustafson:

She was dedicated, very hardworking, and she had very good interactions with all the people she saw.  The way she talked to people, she made people feel very comfortable.   The mothers who brought their children were very happy when they saw her, and the children also liked her.  Even if some cried, she was very gentle and they liked her somehow after crying.

She represented GHEI very well culturally in Ampenkrom.  And wherever she went she created a very good environment.  There were many people who liked her

Sarah and Dickson
 I think she needs to come back!  This is volunteer work, and its rare to find someone with so many good quality of leadership.  We were very lucky to have someone who would do this voluntary, and be so skilled.  She must come back to Ampenkrom next year!

Aggie Obeng on Erin Rosen:

She was very nice and friendly but also liked we had done when we finished for the day.  At the end of the day she was always praising what we had done and praising the way all of us were doing the work together.

When there was something that needed to be done on the surveys she consulted people individually, and she was very serious.  If the interviewer did not understand how to ask the question properly she made sure that they understood, but it was always in a nice and friendly way.  She never made people scared, but she was serious about the work.

I really like what she accomplished when she was here.  Not only the work she did, but the way she did her work was also very good. 

Lawrence Donkor on Krista Nickerson:

In session one of Summer Serve and Learn 2011, there were three volunteers and they all did their best, but Krista distinguished herself in that she really understood the words “Serve and Learn”.

Krista reads a book while Helen and Lexi look on

She was active in working, sharing concerns, asking questions to know what she needed to know and was positive in all the activities.  To me, the most interesting part is that she likes working with different people and showing a lot of qualities that shows that she can be a leader.    She showed respect to all people from students, GHEI staff members, and volunteers and their community members as a whole.  She acted exactly the same in session two.  Again she is the first person to take lead in all the activities and the role plays, because of that some of the girls from Girls’ Empowerment have taken her as their role model.  

More or less, she spent only four weeks in Humjibre but still, people had her name in their minds, which I think is good.  

On our Facebook page: Check out Erin's photo album of her time in Ghana here  

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