Monday, November 14, 2011

Letters from Humjibre, Ghana...

Every few months,  we put together a small mailing to those who have supported GHEI for a number of years.  Since it take roughly 600 years to get mail from Humjibre to USA, we're already starting to mail out holiday themed letters.  

We've got some great letters this year from our YEP after school program.  Our YEP program is for high achieving students in Junior High, and in these after school classes we teach advanced High School level lessons on English, Mathematics, Social Studies, ICT, and Science.  Many of these kids speak English well, but you can tell that they've spent years studying English very hard...from a book.  Their flowery prose and gentleness is a wonder to behold, mostly because it's so rare to hear in the way we native speakers converse in our subtle, ironic ways. 

These letters are solid gold, and I couldn't help but share some great quotes.  Even though some are very funny, and it's a bit early for Christmas, I love how their heart-on-their-sleeve honesty comes popping off the page.  Enjoy.

“I greet you all in America, and say Happy Christmas to all of you.”  -Akosua

“My name is Stephen.  I am very jovial and every morning I give birth to success. When you read my [letter] you will be caught up in the sky with joy..I hope you are swimming in the coming joy of Christmas...” –Stephen

“I am very happy about Christmas because my parents will kill a full chicken for me to eat!” -Gladys

“My favourite football player is Lionel Messi on F.C. Barcelona. So I like Christmas because I get time to watch my favourite [football] matches and watch war films.” –Justice
“My wish is that in the New Year, I want to abstain my self from bad things. This is difficult.” - Lawrence

“My name is Ebenezer but [the] population calls me King Pogasty or Rastico...I was a good man [this] year and I don’t like those who frown on their face and I don’t like those who play with fire.  It means to tempt serious trouble!” – Ebenezer. 

“There is also a festival here called the Yam Festival.  There is dancing and singing.  Here is a special town if you come here, you will not go to your own town.  You will want to stay here until you die!” – Lawrencia 

"I am happy for Christmas because I have got new clothes and some sandals, which I will use...One more thing, if God [does] not permit Christmas holiday and me to meet, I will be sad and worry.” -Dorothy. 

“If you come on Christmas day I will take you to my church and sing a nice song to you, so please, come and let us celebrate the Christmas together...I hope the next year will be the best year to you and me." - Susanna

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