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Humjibre Athletics and Football Gala 2012

By Saga.  All photos by Saga.

A player on Muoho Primary Football team and Anglican Supporters behind him

The Humjibre schools athletics and football Gala competition was held on 20th – 24th February 2012 and consisted of 4 primary schools and 3 JHS. Many peoples were there and excited about this event.  The best students in athletics and football school winners will go to Bekwai to also meet the best students in athletics and football from other schools. 

The schools are as follows:  Anglican primary school, Christ Redeemer preparatory school, Muoho primary school, D/C primary school, Anglican Junior High School, Muoho Junior High School, Christ Redeemer preparatory Junior High School.
Here are the results from the Athletics:

100 meter’s primary boys
Cosmos Mensah
Edward Sam
100 meter’s primary girls
Freda Afful
Charlotte Bonney
100 meter’s JHS boys
Augustine Coffie
Alexander Asare
100 meter’s JHS girls
Hannah Amoah
Emelia Gyakuraw
200 meter’s primary boys
Cosmos Mensah
Isaac Ennin
200 meter’s primary girls
Attaa Gyapong
Freda Afful
400 meter’s primary boys
Cosmos Mensah
Edward Sam
400 meter’s primary girls
Freda Afful

400 meter’s JHS boys
Robbert Mensah
Nyamekye Ebel
400 meter’s JHS girls
Sandra Amoah

What follows is the individual fooball match results and my analysis.  The football matches were the most attended events and all of Humjibre was there to cheer on the respective school.  The school supporters would cheer very loudly and when they scored, it was extra loud.  The students would go on the field between periods to dance and tease their opponents!

Primary Schools

Anglican primary vs Deeper primary
Anglican 2-1 Deeper
Saga’s analysis: Both teams played a very technical type of football, and Deeper player no. 20 is a profilic striker.  But I love the way both teams played their game.  Deeper made it 1-1 in five minutes of the second half.  I could see that Deeper would be happy if the game was a draw. The Deeper goal keeper is a liability because there is no way he needed to lets the second ball in the net.
Muoho primary vs D/c primary
D/C 1- 0 Muoho
Deeper Primary
Saga’s analysis: Of all the previous games played so far, this match is my favorite.  Within 10 minutes of the start, DC was dominating. But Muoho fought back and it was 50/50. At one point, the Muoho keeper saved a certain score. It remained even throughout and at one point there was a call for a penalty in front of DC side, but the referee didn't agree. It looked like a goalless draw till the 2nd half when Dc scored the most awesome goal of the tournament so far. The DC students were playing the match as though they were professional players.
D/C primary vs Deeper primary
D/C 3 -0 Deeper
Saga’s analysis: There was very serious pressure on deeper from the first half as they scored two goals There was misunderstanding on D/C second goal because the referee was far away from the ball, he needs to follow the ball better next time.  In the second half there was still serious pressure on Deeper and one of the spectator's said that God should come down and help Deeper.  He didn't. 

Girls JHS Football Matches 

Muoho JHS girls vs Deeper JHS girls
Muoho JHS girls 1-0 Deeper JHS girls
Anglican Girls
Saga’s analysis: The goal was Exquisite from the striker Rebecca Amponsah. She shot the ball in the penalty area.  There was one injury from the Muoho side, but they held up well.
Muoho JHS  girls vs Anglican JHS girls
It was a goalless draw
Saga’s analysis: I love the way both teams were communicating with their sports teachers, giving them new strategy to be used in the second half.  There was a change in tactics, and they came on strong, but the Muoho defender had to call her coach to be out of the game.  She was too tired.  At the end of 90 though, both teams were tired and it was a draw
Anglican JHS girls vs Deeper JHS girls
Anglican 1- 0 Deeper
Saga's Analysis: Anglican scored a fabulous goal early on.  It was a header by the no. 9  stricker in the second half of the game.  From there though, Anglican skillfully defended their goal.  
Deeper JHS Girls Football Team

Boys JHS Football Matches

Anglican JHS Football Team
Anglican JHS  vs Muoho JHS
Anglican JHS 3-0 muoho JHS
Saga’s Analysis: Within 10 minutes Anglican scored a goal and the Anglican students were going crazy. They were very Jubilant! There was a second half made two more goals.  It was becoming very one sided.  And the players were demoralized. It was hot, and the game was so boring.  Seriously. 
Deeper JHS  vs Anglican JHS
Deeper 1- 0 Anglican
Saga’s analysis:  These two teams were well matched, but Anglican seemed to have the upper hand.  Each team were frustrated and trying their best.  The ball went from end to end many times, with some opportunities, but both were evenly matched.  Deeper was not having the faith that they can score against Anglican but at the end of the game, there was a golden goal from Deeper.

 Muoho JHS vs Deeper JHS
Muoho JHS 0- 0 Deeper JHS
Saga’s analysis: Deeper no 9 was injured in 6 minutes.  There were also a number of fouls, with Deeper and Muoho players pulling yellow cards.  They both played well, but supporters were also yelling at Muhoh No. 9 for missing the the ball.  Deeper had two chances in the 2nd half and  I wondered why Deeper didn’t utilize on their chances. It was poor performance from their players. 
Deeper JHS football Team 

Tournament Winners:
D.C. Primary qualified to go on to the next stage in Bekwai.  There are many schools that will be competing in Bekwai.  They will be successful if they continue to play this way and remain strong.  They can win the tournament by players not being selfish when they join the next league

Deeper JHS qualified to go on to the next stage in Bekwai. They need to work hard and prepare well for this.  I don’t know the level of play from other teams in Bekwai. It’s the best from other areas, so the best will face the best.  They should look at how to utilize their chances.  They had a lot of chances but they didn’t use it when they were playing Muoho JHS.   

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