Sunday, February 5, 2012

We're Still Accepting Applications for Serve and Learn 2012!!

...but hurry! Spots are filling fast!

You can still apply to spend meaningful moments with young women from Humjibre, learning about their lives and sharing your own, while encouraging them to achieve success these girls never thought possible but is so clearly in their grasp, in the Girls Empowerment session.

You can still apply to get a taste of the enthusiasm and joy that young students in Humjibre take in reading and being read to, while supporting the education system in Ghana by lending your own enthusiasm to literacy themed lessons in all local public schools, in the Read and Play session.  

You can still apply to catch a glimpse of what team work and community building can mean to young people here and help organize one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year in Humjibre, in the Kickin it in Ghana session.

You can still apply to take part in our effective malaria prevention program that protects entire villages from Malaria through bed nets and education, in the Malaria Prevention session.  

But in all these sessions you get a chance to live life in rural Ghana, and work with people from Humjibre, for Humjibre.

If this and the chance to tour some of Ghana's most culturally significant spots interests you, don't think too long on it!  Apply now!

Email Application to Tabatha at

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